Understanding What Relationships And Love Entails

One of the most influential emotions in human beings is love. It starts at infancy between mother and child. The child relies on the mother for their needs and a good mother continually ensures the child is well-taken care. This kind of an interaction creates the desire for affection as one grows up. Such type of bonding forms the foundation of any relationship we develop in our life.

What are the different forms love?

Love is a dynamic feeling. According to Greek scholars, Agape is the sacrificial kind love that involves compassion in giving without expecting anything in return. Phileo is the chosen type that creates a desire to establish a friendship with people around you. Storge defines the love that comes along with being in a family. It represents affection parents feel for their kids. Eros refers to the emotional type of love. It arouses sexual desires and romance among people of the opposite gender.

Importance of love in our life

As humans, we are social beings. Love stimulates us to not only interact but form strong personal relationships with those around us. The feelings go beyond what we feel for people. The environment around us also benefits from our loving nature. We take care of animals and conserve plant species as a result of love for the environment. Over the years we have nurtured close bonds with animals and even welcomed them into our homes as pets. In a religious aspect, compassion, selflessness, and mercy are fundamental virtues that are as a result of love.

How to handle love

The feeling of having a loving partner can not only provide a lot of joy but also a lot of sadness. Disappointments that come along cause a lot of psychological problems. Regardless of the type of love, one is encouraged to have a forgiving heart to avoid having a hard time coping with emotions.Make yourself happy and treat yourself right to be able to share the feeling of care and concern to others.

Getting into a relationship

Relationships come up as a result of interactions. It may be out of business, shared interests or even romantic feelings between individuals. For most people, romantic relationships are the most tricky to handle. The intense sense of affection coupled with sexual desires makes one go to great depths to please their partner. Such commitment and sacrifice leave some in tears when things go wrong. One should not only not be cautious but learn how to handle such situations.

How the feelings start

In romance, the attraction for the opposite sex is triggered by various factors. They may have an appeal based on their personality, physic or even just a charming smile. The feeling may last for a short time or last for a for a lifetime. Matters of the heart are sensitive, and one requires not to rush. Ensure you are sure of what you feel before inviting your crush out for a date and pouring your heart out.

How best to make an approach

Most people are in a dilemma on how best to approach the other party. Rejection is not something you want on the first day. Friendship is the safest place to start. It provides a more relaxed approach and creates an avenue for you to know each other first. At times one is experiencing puppy love which fades away after a while. Being friends will give you time to let your feelings grow naturally.

How to handle a relationship

Relationships have a significant impact on our lives. A healthy one will provide you with a haven when it comes to feeling loved and having a shoulder to lean on as you handle various challenges in life. Treat your partner with respect and make each day something to remember. It is essential not to get into a habit of trying too much to impress. Whatever you do should be genuine and from the heart. Being too over ambitious will not only exhaust you emotionally but also make you vulnerable to a lot of frustrations.

Coping with breakup blues

No matter how loving, relationships face the risk of failure a situation that ends up in separation. When this happens, we are not only left hurt but moving on can be a problem. Acceptance is crucial as it initiates the healing process. Getting over someone can take a long time, and one should be patient. At such a time it is essential to take good care of yourself and seek to counsel if matters become too overwhelming.