The Inherent Value Of Relationships

They begin when we enter the world and truly never end, even after we depart this world. Relationships are an integral part of our existence and just who we are. For so many, they come and are handled fairly easily and bring with them such positive feelings and good times. For others, relationships are sometimes ongoing problems and causes of depression and anxiety. The truth of the matter is that they are something that should be addressed and paid attention to and minded well enough to gain the most out of them. This is not meant to sound in any way selfish, because when we gain so much from our relationships, invariably we are putting so much of our positive selves into them that the person on the other side is also gaining so much from them as well.

Relationships begin at the very first start of our lives, obviously with our parents and siblings. Our parents love is usually total and uncompromising, but as the time moves on we do discover that they expect certain things from us and we best learn just what the right things are to do to gain their continuing appreciation. Of course, with our siblings, the relationships formed must be carried on in an ever-growing understanding of just what is the right way to handle issues so that we can continue to grow together without constant tension and fighting to see just who is in charge! Our brothers and sisters are indeed family and it is so important to respect them and gain their respect as well. Life in the household will run so much smoother when we gain the knowledge of how best to make this happen.

We next venture out into the real world where we get to meet our fellow soon to be friends in the neighborhood. All of a sudden we are encountering other people who look a lot like us but very often who have other ideas and ways of doing things. These can sometimes be very difficult times and the faster that we find ways to forge better relationships with these people, the smoother and happier our lives will be. The same applies as we go through the school system and as we approach the work world. Solid, understanding and positive relationships carried out every step of this journey will help to make it an easier path to navigate, as well as a happier and more fulfilling trip. Some of these individuals that we have grown to truly care for along the way are going to be with us on this ride through life!

Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, we cross paths with that special person we have always prayed would come our way and the bells start ringing and we realize that perhaps for the first time ever, love is knocking on our door! All of a sudden we believe we have found that person who we truly would like to spend the rest of our lives with. Love is here and we want to do everything we can to make certain it doesn’t go away! The good news is we have truly been paying attention to making our relationships with others the best we could as we were moving forward is that making those same efforts here will hopefully help us achieve that magic relationship and love we want to last forever!

I guess the bottom line with relationships from the positive side is that for us to get out of one everything that we want, we have to realize the importance of our putting everything positive into it that we can from our side. Being honest, being understanding and being sensitive to the feelings of others is just so important on the scale. We should learn to understand along the way that everyone does not always totally grasp this at the start, so our being sensitive to another feelings and apprehensions can very often help them to take a step up onto the next plateau. We want to help those we can who we know are basically good and decent people but perhaps have had some incidents in their past that might be holding them back a bit. Our caring and understanding just might be the thing that opens up a whole new way of looking at things for them in a positive and wholesome way.

Relationships are such an important part of our lives and the better we can make them and handle them, the happier we will be!