7 Easy Ways To Improve Your Love Life And Relationships

All relationships pretty much flourish in the early stages. However, eventually, things start to slow down. If you’re looking to improve your love life and your relationships, then keep these tips in mind.

1. Set A Time For Intimacy
Relationships can fizzle out and become weaker when intimacy starts to die off. If you and your loved one are not as intimate as you once were, then your relationship will likely continue to suffer. The bottom line is intimacy brings couples together and can improve their love life.

What you want to do is set aside a time for intimacy. You don’t need to be overly strict with scheduling, as just agreeing to 1-2 nights per week is good enough. Generally speaking, you and your partner should be intimate at least once a week.

2. Send Spontaneous, Racy Texts
Every now and then send a racy text to your partner. You don’t want to do this all the time or even once per week. Sending a racy text spontaneously, such as 1-2 times per month can do wonders for a relationship. In fact, relationships tend to be more exciting for couples when they send and receive spicy texts from one another. It doesn’t have to be anything too vulgar or anything like that. It can be as vulgar as you both are comfortable with.

3. Have Date Nights
You already know the importance of having date nights and this is one of the most common pieces of advice people get. There’s a good reason why experts and couples recommend having a date night at least once per week. It keeps the relationship fresh and allows quality time to be spent together. As for what date nights should consist of, this is completely up to you and your partner. One thing you can do is alternate with the decision. You can decide what to do one week and your partner can decide what to do the following week.

4. Eat Meals Together
Do not confuse date nights and eating meals together. When we say eat meals together, we mean eat a meal together every single day, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. If doing it every single day isn’t possible, then set aside at least 4-5 days per week when you can. There is always a way to make time unless one of you work on the road. For example, if you are both busy working professionals, then get up 20 minutes early and have a quick breakfast together, even if it’s just a bowl of cereal or pancakes. Having a meal together is a great way to bond, even if it’s a brief meal.

5. Compliments Go A Long Way
Compliments can go a long way in relationships, but as time goes by, couples tend to compliment them as much as they did. Take the time to compliment your partner, but don’t do it too often because then compliments will become meaningless in your partner’s eyes. Instead, when you guys have a date night, you can make a passing compliment or after your partner has cooked you a meal, you can compliment their cooking. There are many ways to compliment your partner, so take the time to do it and they will end up showering you with compliments too.

6. Be Understanding And Compassionate
Learn how to be more compassionate and understanding with your partner. Don’t just be there for them when they have had a rough day and vent to you. Instead, try to understand why they are angry or hurt and be compassionate towards their situation. When your partner feels understood and cared for by you, then the relationship will improve. Not only that, but your partner will become more supportive, understanding and compassionate with you. It’s a win-win for both of you.

7. Put The Phone Down
Phones are a distraction and the chances are you are always on yours, whether it’s for work, social media, gaming and so forth. When you are communicating with your partner, regardless if it’s something serious or not so serious, make sure to put your phone down. Using your phone and staring at it when your partner is speaking is disrespectful and eventually, it will negatively impact your relationship. Remember, you can’t truly be listening to your partner when you are distracted by your phone.

Your love life can improve dramatically if you heed the above advice. Sure, it may take time, but if you stick with things, then your love life could improve within a matter of a few weeks.